Halloween roofers BEWARE!!

Roof survey that would scare the Blair Witch

Some photographs from a roof survey we conducted this evening for a client in Crawley, this is “newly refurbished roof” and property.

It is not rocket science to see the problems here this is going to be a long report to write and explain how to fix for our customers.

Hopefully, the contractor does the right thing and follows our advice on rectifying the issues, and doesn’t walk off the job. However, at least this rogue behavior keeps us busy just a shame the homeowner might be paying twice.

We found 21 faults in total some needing immediately fixing before winter sets in. This is the second survey we conducted this week, this was extremely poor and quite frankly really upset me that a “roofer” would leave someone’s roof in this state.

If you want an independent non-bias roof survey done for completed roof works that you feel might not be up to standards please contact us for an independent survey from an actual professional expert in the industry.

Look no further will we also assist in exposing poor workmanship and bad work practice good education on best work practices is key to a successful industry.