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Zero VAT on energy saving insulationproducts and installations

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Fight back against “High Energy Bills’

We can now install energy saving insulation products in homes and charge 0% VAT to clients – here at BT Roofing Services we specialize in roof insulation and if you were considering making some changes to reduce those rising energy bills, now could be the time!

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0% VAT

This govermnent scheme is currently running to encourage people to properly insulate thier homes whilst helping to save money on monthly heating bills. You pay 0% VAT on energy saving insulation products and thier installation.


Save the planet

You can play your part in saving the planet as your home will take lesss energy to heat up and stay warmer for longer. Therefore, reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment at the same item. Win! Win!


Reduce condensation

Decent insulation also battles the build-up of condensation and dampness that typically occurs. This is important if you want to protect the existing framework of your roof as well as the items you may store in lofts or hatches

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0% VAT will be payable on the installation of “energy saving materials” – cut from a rate of 5% – at least until 31 March 2027.

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As you know with Government decisions, this could change at anytime. Good idea to take action now.
VAT Notice 708/6 defines “energy saving materials” includes insulation and more info can be found on the website.

Although the governments energy bill support scheme(energy rebate) has gone some way to help homeowners through the energy crisis. This could be an additional way to fight back against those bills rising this winter. This is part of our commitment to raise awareness of the current scheme & help homeowners save money.

Loft boarding

Don’t forget the importances of a proper loft boarding system in place for your loft storage, to ensure your new insulation isn’t crushed by storing items on top of it, crushing insulation can have a dramatic effect on the insulations U-value.

We recommend & install the Loft leg system here at BT Roofing Services, this allows for air movement & doesn’t crush the insulation, Loft Legs have accessories for just about any roof design even modern truss roof designs, with their loft shelving system.

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0% VAT on energy efficiency insulation

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