Classic tile re-roof – Kingswood

Re-roof project in Lower Kingswood


Classic tile re-roof using Redlands Rosemary tiles which is high-quality machine-made clay, with new black UPVC fascia, soffits & guttering. Inside with internal work to do, will include insulating with PIR board & plasterboarding.

Looking forward to getting this roof wrapped up with new leadwork and cutting in valleys, then going inside.
Unfortunately, we had to wait 38 weeks to do the tile hanging due to a severe tile shortage.

All lead welding on this project has been done by Jay @justleadworkshop in their workshop, & fitted on-site by ourselves.

We infilled the rafters with 75mm of PIR board insulation leaving a 50mm air gap, and tapped all joints with aluminum foil tape, to ensure air tightness, with 50mm overboard with PIR board, to minimize thermal bridging through the roof rafters.

rafters plasterboard internal

This will again be tapped with aluminum foil & then plasterboard, at that stage, we will hand over the project to the plasters & electricians, etc to do all their finishing works.
However we are really pleased with the quality roofing materials used and our workmanship on this project.

There is currently no VAT on insulation jobs, this is a new scheme by the government which won’t be around forever, so now is the time to insulate your roofs/home to the new building regulations & make the most of it, contact us for further details.

retile and render

This job was used for our second inspection by the @federationofmasterbuilders membership & I believe we have passed again, and our staying on for another year.

The lead flat roof is code 8 and weighed in at an impressive 120KG, the lead welding was done off-site by @justleadworkshop and then fitted on site by ourselves, with assistance from Jay on site for technical support getting the bay roof up safely. Please contact us on our contact page if you are looking for a similar installation or give us a call.

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